Wednesday, December 9

Windy Wednesday

This is another very windy day, not as cold as last time but very noisy. I’m glad I’m working indoors today! I started off the day working in the office for a bit, taking care of some administrative chores, then moved on to scuff sanding Carl’s bedroom door and shooting it with the final coat of lacquer. The first coat of finish on Robert’s bottle stopper rack is dry so I scuff sanded that as well and applied a second coat. This one gets satin poly, so I will probably quit with two coats so it doesn’t built up and get shiny, but I’ll have to see how it looks when this coat is dry. Then the electricity went out for about an hour. Actually it went out as I was applying the poly to the stopper rack, so I finished that up and took my lunch break a little early. After lunch I tagged and removed the hinges from the first set of bi-fold doors. I have 3 to do. In theory, these hinges should all be identical and could go back in any position. In theory. In real life I find this rarely works out, so I tag the hinges as to what position they were in as I remove them, then I can be sure they will go back in exactly the same place when I reassemble the doors later. By then the lacquer on the big door is dry and I can move it out of the way and set up a table on which I can stain the doors – after I’ve sanded them. I’ll leave the stain on side 1 to dry for a while and I’ll find some useful chore or other to do, then I’ll flip the doors over and stain the other side before I go home for the day.

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