Friday, December 18

Soggy Day

It was a cold, damp night and it’s raining now. The polyurethane on Ann’s tray tables isn’t even close to being cured out this morning so I brought them into the office where I have an auxiliary heat source to keep this room a little more livable than the rest of the shop. Hopefully this will help get the poly to harden so I can box them up today. UPS does not pick-up on Saturdays, but if need be we’ll drive them over to the customer center in Russelville tomorrow and get them on their way. The UPS man did stop to make a delivery at my Mom’s house, which is a hundred feet or so down-slope from my workshop, but did not come up the driveway to our place. This is a new driver. Our previous driver, Willis, was an excellent fellow, going out of his way to provide superior service to everyone on his route and took a genuine interest in helping us get things out to you. But, he retired or was transferred or promoted and I haven’t seen him in a while. He didn’t say anything about leaving, just wasn’t coming around any more. The new guy appears to be a rookie who has trouble navigating his truck. When he stops here he parks in the road (blocking it) and walks up to Moms house to make her deliveries, but will not come the extra distance to our shop. When we have deliveries arriving, he leaves them at Mom’s house or a neighbors house and we may not even know they’ve arrived for days. But I don’t want this to become a “dump on UPS” message so I’ll move on. I finished the bid on Brian’s coffee table Wednesday morning, which is a modification of the photo here, adding a mechanism that allows the top of the table to swing up and toward the sofa so it can serve as a large tray table as well as a coffee table. No word back yet, but this is a very busy season for most everyone. I won’t harass him about it yet, I like to give people time to make a considered decision. By about 2:30 the poly on Ann’s tables was dry to the touch, but not hard. Not hard means that it can be marred by things pressing on it and things left in contact for an extended time can stick – especially Styrofoam blocks often used on packing these tray tables. But, this is not the usual table order: just two tables, no stand so packing will be somewhat different than the norm. I do need to cut the Styrofoam packing, so I slice up a 4’ x 4’ sheet into the pieces I will be needing and go get a box out of the loft if the lumber shed. I wrap each table in cellophane, to keep the packing paper out of the trays where the poly is, then nest them together with packing foam in any chafing spots and wrap the nested tables again to hold them together as a bundle. A sheet of Stryofoam goes in the bottom of the box, strips are cut and placed around the edges, packing paper will fill the void and another sheet of Styrofoam will go on top. These boxes were custom made for us to ship our tray table sets in. For this use I will cut the box down to reduce the shipping fee and the need for additional packing material. It is snowing big time now, I’m sure our UPS guy will not be stopping in this evening, so we are planning to drive to Russelville in the morning to get these two orders on their way. I received an order for our last 4-Tier bottle stopper rack, but I can send that out Priority Mail in the morning. So, friends, that will finish up another week. All current orders are completed, so I’ll go back to working on stock items until another custom order comes in.

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