Monday, December 7

Multitask Monday

I’m off to a little bit of a slow start today as our truck konked out over the weekend and I had to get on the phone and make arrangements to have it patched up again. Then I needed to produce the weekly radio program our church does, this time we featured the Christmas Cantata, so there was not so much talking to do, that made it easier on me! With that done I sanded and stained a 36” wide flat door for Carl & Pam’s bedroom. Over the weekend they picked up the others I had done. Some of those were for the bathrooms, when they have the bedroom door back again they will actually have privacy in their new home! I got the first side stained, that will need to dry before I can flip it over and stain the other side. I’ll get to that tomorrow. Once the stain was on and rubbed out, I worked on the oak shelves for Robert’s stopper rack. I had milled the blanks last week, so today I started by laying out the hole locations using the template. The stack of shelf blanks are stacked up and secured into a tight bundle with masking tape. The lay-out is done on the top shelf, then the holes are bored through the whole bundle at one time. Then I can remove the tape, sand off any fuzzy bits left over and use the router table to round over the front and ends of each shelf as well as the holes. I set these aside then and will sand them later. For now I moved on to Ann’s tables by getting out the template set and making sure they were all there. Then I took the stock I had set aside for the legs, which has to start out as at least 1-1/16” thick as rough stock, jointed one wide face and one edge, then started ripping leg blanks from this board on the table saw. I’ll let these over-sized blanks sit over night to see if they are going to want to bow before I spend time and effort on making them into legs. Sometimes, when cutting small pieces out of a large piece internal stresses in the wood will make the pieces being cut off bow or twist, especially in kiln dried lumber. Usually this will happen immediately, but sometimes humidity changes will cause it as well. So I’ll let these do what they will over night (when it is most damp here) and see what we’ve got in the morning.

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