Friday, November 27

Shooting Doors

No, I'm not going hunting for some strange and unusual forest creature, I am full-up of turkey, dressing and yams from yesterday, thank you. The shooting I'm doing today is that of applying lacquer to the three doors I have completed staining for Carl with an HVLP spray gun.
This means that I'll actually be spending most of the day waiting for lacquer to dry, but while waiting there are plenty of things I can be doing to fill those half-hour windows between lacquer applications.
In each shooting session I apply one coat of lacquer to one face and one edge of all three doors. When it's dry I turn the doors around and shoot the opposide face and edge of each door. After two full coats are on and completely dry I scuff sand the doors with a fine sanding sponge to smooth the finish, tack rag away the sanding dust and shoot the three doors with one more complete coat. They will then be left to harden well overnight before I take them back out to the assembly room where they will be stored until Carl comes to pick them up and bring me another load. In the mean time, I still have two doors on hand to sand and stain, as well as the work on the steamer trunks to do. I will not get bored.

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