Friday, November 20

Assembling the Case

We will start this process by pulling out the trunk case that we have dry fitted previously and tapping off one end panel with a mallet. Because each joint was hand fitted, and we want them to fit just as well when we get done, we will not dismantle the entire case at this point. After removing one corner piece, applying glue and placing it back on the end assembly, we tap off the other corner piece and glue it up. Then we make sure the upper and lower edges are aligned and apply clamps. This assembly will sit until the glue tacks up. When it’s ready we can glue and clamp the end piece to the front and back panels. Note that none of the filler panels in any of these pieces are glued to either the rails or the corner posts, this is so the panels are free to expand and contract as needed so they won't crack in dry weather. The opposite end remains loose so it can be removed, but is left in place for now so I can check to see that the casework is square. While the glue tacks up I’ll trim the floor boards to length and rip the two outer planks so the assembly is the right width. I am careful to sand away the fuzz-bits left from the sawed edge as these will interfere with fitting the planks into the case later – the tolerances are close. Then I can remove the clamps and the loose end piece. I glue and clamp that end piece while I fit the floor boards. The floor boards are slipped into their groove from the open end, which spreads out a little to make this easier, and I make sure the splines are seated between each floor board as they go in. There is no glue used here either. These splines lock the floor boards together to keep the floor flat, and to prevent very small stuff from falling through the floor should the floor boards shrink up in dry weather. Then the other end piece is test fitted to be sure everything fits as it should, with no binding and no gaps, then tapped back off, and glue is applied. Finally the front and back rails are flushed up top and bottom on the open end and clamps are applied. I check the completed case for square and, just for giggles, set the lid in place to see how they fit together. It all looks good from here. So, I’ll let the glue in this assembly set up overnight and we’ll get started banding the case in our next episode. Before we get to that I will repeat this process on the walnut trunk but there is no point in photographing that as it is the same process as shown here.

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