Thursday, August 23

Thursday – Finishing Continues

This morning I completed lacquering the natural finished tea chest and installed the drawer pulls. This one is now ready to post to the web site as an on-hand item.

After lunch I began applying gloss polyurethane to Bryans tea chest. This is a new product for us: instead of using the tung oil based poly that we have always used before (which requires 8 hours of dry time between each of the three coats) we’re trying a water based poly. Our first step into “green” finishes.

I got two coats spayed on, then had to do some adjusting because the finish was building up too fast on the drawer boxes and they were binding in their slots.

Once that was straightened out I shot a third coat on the case. That should to it. So I’m going to call it a day and will check it tomorrow after the case has had the chance to harden up overnight.


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