Monday, August 20

Monday – Finishing Begins

Today we begin the finishing process for our two cherry tea chests.

Bryan wants his stained Bistro Walnut then finished with gloss polyurethane. The other will get a clear semi-gloss lacquer finish.

Both start out by getting sanded to 150 grit. Normally, under a gloss finish we would sand to 320 grit, but the stain manufacturer states that I should sand to no finer than 150 or the stain will not adhere well enough and the color will be too light. After sanding I vacuum them with a soft brush tip then tack rag them.

I stain Bryan’s chest first. While the stain is drying in the finishing room, I sand the other chest. When the stain is no longer tacky I move the chest out of the finishing room and set up to shoot lacquer. This stain will need to cure for at least 24 hours before I begin applying the polyurethane.

I give the second chest one good coat of lacquer. Normally I’d let that dry for an hour or so then shoot it again, let that dry, scuff sand it and shoot it one last time, but the day is about over and Marie will be here soon to fetch me away so I’ll get to that tomorrow.

See you then,


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