Monday, August 6

Monday – Final Bits

I spent the day at Treasures on Friday and that evening on the phone calling our artists to let them know that the gallery is open again, so I got no work done on Blake & Marilyn’s curio. To make up some of the time, I spent part of Saturday installing door glass.

This is a good job to do in between other chores because of the curing time of the silicone caulk used to cushion the glass. First I lay a bead of silicone in the bottom of the center rail grooves. When that’s stiffen up, I lay the door down on a blanket and place the glass in its rabbet. There are two rabbets here, one for the glass one for the retainer strip. With the glass centered I lay a bead of silicone at each corner and mid-way along the glass’s height.

When the silicone has skinned over I lay the retainer strips in place and fasten them in with small brass screws. Now the assembly must remain undisturbed until the silicone cures. When cured, the rubber like silicone holds the glass in position, keeps it from rattling in it’s groove and allows the wooden parts to expand and contract as they need.

When the silicone was cured out I installed the door locks and hinges.

This morning I started off by installing the canister lights. There is a cord coming out the top, right corner of the back, but will be tucked back up into the top of the cabinet for shipping. In the cord is a roller switch that will turn all three of the lights on and off. These are halogens, so don’t touch the bulbs or the oils on you skin will cause the bulbs to burst. Use a cloth or a tissue when cleaning or replacing the bulbs. Extras are included.

Now it’s time to get ready to install the front glass. To do this I’ll need to lay the cabinet down on it’s front, but I don’t want to scar up the front moldings, so I go ahead and fashion the Styrofoam pads that will be needed for shipping and hold them in place with painters tape.

With the cabinet supported by the Styrofoam pads, Marie and I work the front glass into place, then I silicone all the way around the edges. These pieces are much larger and heavier than the doors, so I’d rather be certain they aren’t going to shift. When the silicone is skinned over I install the retainer strips and head home for some supper. I can do no more today.


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