Tuesday, November 28


Monday and Tuesday of this week are the only days expected to be free of rain, so I’m reserving them for working on The Wall. Today I bought another fourteen 2x6’s and completed installing the planks. I got a start on drawing down the planks to remove as much gap between the boards (caused by boards crooking) as possible and fastening the top row of boards to the posts with heavy decking screws. I do this by using pipe clamps from the workshop: one across the 6x6 post as an anchor, the other reaching from the top board down to my anchor. This is not totally effective, but it did help. The gaps do not allow anything through the wall because the splines I inserted into the boards edges seal up between them, it’s just a matter of appearance. Filling in the blanks from last week: Wednesday I was on The Wall, Thursday was Thanksgiving, Friday I spent in the woodshop cleaning, moving and preparing to start a couple of new projects. Saturday I was down at Treasures taking my turn at being shopkeeper. See you tomorrow, Doug

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