Tuesday, November 7


As you know, we’ve been working on the second book case for the Pastor’s Study. Today, however, I spent the majority of the day working out on The Hill, where we are preparing a site for a new building. This morning I laid out the position for the posts that will support a retaining wall to hold back an eight foot high dirt wall at the back of the site. Then I assisted Tommy in cutting down a large oak tree that was just too close to where the building would go. If a branch broke off it would come through our roof so it needed to be removed. Then I spent a good part of the afternoon cutting the tree up into firewood for use later this winter and ‘prettying up’ the rock on the new driveway; straightening the edges, filling in the bare spots with rock from extra deep spots and generally evening things out a bit. It is supposed to rain this afternoon, and through the next few days, so I wanted to get these things done before the rain started. In the late afternoon I did get to do some work on the book case. I plugged the remaining pocket holes then sanded the plugs smooth, and did the first sanding on all the shelves and the cases with 60 grit paper. Since we have a 100% chance of rain tomorrow, I expect I’ll be in the workshop all day working on getting this piece done. See you then. Doug

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