Tuesday, November 21


Today it is cold and snowy. Not much snow, not enough to accumulate, just some flakes in the air. But definitely enough to discourage me from going up on The Hill to work on The Great Wall of Edwina today. So instead I actually got some woodworking done. I finished up Pastor Calvin’s shelves for his second book case – they needed adjusting. I should have done that last week, but didn’t; trying to get enough of The Great Wall done to contain the next cave in. But he has holiday guests arriving tomorrow and about 100 books stacked on his guest bed. He *needs* his shelves. So I made them a priority and got them done. Marie will take them with her to Newport tomorrow morning and he will retrieve them from her there. Then I worked some more on repairing the sewing machine cabinet leaf that came in last week. The repairs were done last week, today I sanded the repaired face down and re-stained. That will have to cure at least one day – more if the cool temps and high humidity interfere. I finished out the day by cleaning up a bit. The floor is caked with red mud from my running in here to mill grooves in both edges of the boards for The Wall. Tools and supplies used in the three projects were sitting all around. So I straightened up, scraped off the concrete floor and vacuumed. It is now somewhat better. See you tomorrow. Doug

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