Thursday, March 30

Eng Gdn Bench Day 06

Work day begins: 6:30 AM It’s chilly this morning, but will warm up quickly, so there’s no point in building a fire. I’ll just take care of some office work during the early morning. Lunch Time I’ve got the blanks for the 6 long rails roughed out and surface planed to thickness. Workshop closes: 4:30 PM Spent the afternoon trimming the long rail blanks to finished size and cutting the tenons on each end. Man Hours Billed: 5 Materials Billed: 36 b.f of 8/4 white oak. To view the detailed construction article on this piece, click this entry’s title above. If you enjoy this Daily Shop Notes blog, you will also want to look at our Doug Bob blog, .which is available from my profile page.

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