Friday, March 3

6 Drwr CD Chest...Holding...

Work day begins: 4:00 AM I have a lot of Web site work to do this morning, so I’m getting an early start. The shop is all cleaned up and the tools put away. The drop cloths are in place to protect the equipment, and the finishing supplies are at hand. We’re ready to go as soon as the balance due is received. Why don’t I just go ahead and stain the chest? After all, we know Jon is still out there: he has been following along through the illustrated article and has told us how much he’s enjoying watching the process. Because it’s a rule. There is a policy that was written up by our legal beagle, approved and enacted by the head honcho, and posted to the web site for all to see that says we don’t stain an order until it’s paid for. And there is a reason for the rule: we’ve been taken in before. There is a 9 drawer CD End Table sitting in our gallery that was built for a gal who was in constant communication with us. She wanted it stained a rather unusual color, but because she was so gregarious, I didn’t think anything about it and went ahead to complete the project. But when it came time to settle up, it all fell apart. Now we have this piece that -- had it been finished natural or some color other people are fond of – would have been sold by now. But because it’s pink, it sits there. People comment on the lovely style and the quality of the workmanship, but it just sits there. Unfortunately there have been other times where I felt someone was trustworthy and it ended up costing us money. I’m just a soft-hearted sucker I guess. So, I’ve been admonished to follow the rules. They are there for a reason. Since I can’t be out in the shop making sawdust (because we’re in “Finishing Mode” and have to keep it clean) I’ll spend my time working on the web site and other assorted chores this morning. This is Friday. I like it when it works out that we’re ready to finish on a Friday. That way if payment comes through quickly, we can get the staining done Friday, let it set over the weekend to cure thoroughly, and shoot the lacquer Monday morning. Usually we can still package up the piece and have it ready to go out Monday afternoon. But if payment doesn’t come through right away (sometimes people are just too busy or need to transfer things around a little) the weekend gives them a couple of days to get their ducks in a row without costing us production time. When finishing day comes on, say… a Tuesday, then we can give up one day to waiting but if that doesn’t work out then we have to set that project aside and get started on the next. We’ll come back to the one to be finished when we get to a convenient stopping point to set up for finishing again. Eventually we will enlarge the workshop to about 3 times what it is now, and the expansion will include a “clean room” devoted exclusively to finishing. Then we can put a completed project in there, get started on the next right away and still be able to do the finishing whenever the conditions are met. Well, I’d better stop yammering and get to work. Since no work was done on the chest today, this will not count as a “Day” on the roster. I did get word from the money folks that the payment I’ve been looking for has been initiated, but has not cleared the bank yet. But if I get any time this weekend I believe I’ll go ahead and get the staining done anyway. We have a pretty heavy schedule already, but I’ll see if I can’t eek out a few hours. Time to wrap it up for tonight… I’m tired. To view the detailed construction article on this piece, click this entry’s title above. If you enjoy this Daily Shop Notes blog, you will also want to look at our Doug Bob blog, .which is available from my profile page.

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