Thursday, March 8

Thursday March 8th

I got my blueberry box all dug out and the base flattened. Rolled the box upside down and got the roll of landscape fabric from the barn. RATS! It’s 3 foot wide fabric, I need 4 foot.
I called Wilton Springs, “Oh, sure we have that stuff.”
“Do you have it in 4 foot widths, and do you have it in stock?”
“I know we’ve got it in stock, not sure about the width, let me check ... it’s all the 3 foot width.”
"Sigh.  Thanks anyway."
For the past couple of years any time I go into Wilton Springs hardware, which is just down the road from us, they are out of whatever it is I need that day. They are chock full of stuff I *don’t* need that day, but whatever it is I’m needing; they just ran out. Boggling!  But they are really great people to deal with, even if my quest ends in frustration.
So I borrowed (stole) Mom’s car and drove into Newport and Lowes. They had the 4 foot fabric and the T50 staples I needed for my staple gun. Bought that and went home to complete the job.
I cut the pieces for the extended sides, bored them for pocket holes and screwed them to the top of the main box. This added height is just for water deflection, not added soil depth.
I then built another 4x8 box and laid it out next to the one I just finished. I need to repeat the digging-in process for it, then I’ll start on the 12 4x4 boxes.
But first I’m going to eat my lunch. Yepper, I’m gonna have me a samich an a apple, an meby a Dew. Yepper, thas a just wat I’ll do.
After lunch it will probably be raining, so I'll finish finishing those bag handles and wrap them up for the stock shelf.

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