Sunday, March 25

Friday, March 23rd

My woodworking time today allowed me to get the stand sanded and finished.  Then I discovered (remembered) that I did not poly the table tops on the set I had on hand.  Most of the time we do this to protect them against careless use - but we do get some requests from furniture purists who don't want their furniture plastic coated, they prefer to treat it like fine furniture and enjoy the lacquer finish alone.

The folks who ordered this set did not say anything about that so I'd best poly the tables.

It is spring in the Smokies, so it's raining.  It does that for about a month.  The high humidity makes everything dry more slowly, but I should be able to get these tables packed this weekend and ready to ship out on Monday.


  1. In a earlier post.The wood look to be a purlpe color. Was that the Jack or my laptop playing with my poor eyes....

    1. Walnut has a pretty wide range of colors in it, including blues and purples, especially in the raw state so it's not impossible that you saw some bluish tints. Or it could be your computer monitor, or it could be the eclectic collection of lighting in my workshop... or all three ganging up on us!


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