Monday, March 19

Monday, March 19th

Most of the day, being a Monday, was spent on the radio program, web site updates, bookkeeping and system back-ups. 

The afternoon was spent digging-in a couple of the many garden boxes I've built.  But that would be digging in dirt and not woodworking, so it is not a topic to be covered here.  Check out Simple Life Prattle for details on that.

I worked at that until 7:00, had dinner with Marie then went to the workshop.  Over the weekend we received an order for a two-table set of TV Tray Tables - which are not complete (I got sidetracked with stuff like the Pew Project, garden boxes, tree trimming, etc, etc, etc... ).
So I spent the evening clearing the decks for new action, finding the tables and parts I do have made up, getting out the template set and locating walnut stock for the parts I have to make. 

Because that order has been paid for it needs to be a priority, working late nights until it's done.  And then I ought to work more late nights to make up another set.

One Pew is shortened, the other is yet to be done, neither has been refinished because we're not sure what's going to be done with that yet, and Tammy is out of town for two weeks.  Details are in The Pew Project post.

Now it's 9:15, I'm tires and sore and in major need of a shower.  More tomorrow.

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