Friday, October 16

Door Dilema

Today I am continuing to attempt to solve the problem we had with the combination hinge/supports used on the drop front of this desk. As you may recall, the units I originally bought would not lay out flat, causing the drop-front part of the desk to slant up toward the user and create an awkward working surface.
So I replaced them with a set from another manufacturer. The function is the same, but the design is a little different. These *do* lay out flat as they should, but because the knuckle of the hinge sits well above the plane of the hinge strap instead of in-line with the hinge strap as the others did, when the hinge closes it LIFTS the door as it hinges up creating about a 1/2" gap at the bottom of the door. When I mortise the hinges into the desk bottom and door the gap will be reduced by 1/8", but it will still be visible.
The only solution I can come up with at the moment is to cut matching bevels on the desk bottom and the door creating a lip that will stick down when the door is closed to help hide the gap. The only other solution I can come up with would be to go back to the first hinges and try to "stretch" them out to lay flat, which may simply destroy them. If I modify them I can not return them for credit or refund. As Winnie The Pooh would say in this situation, "Think, think, think... I think I need some honey." only in my case it would be chocolate.
While I'm thinking I am continuing work on the cubby assembly. (More...)

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