Thursday, October 1


For the past few days I've been working on milling the rail and stile stock for David's Compact Computer Desk. That task has been completed and I will move on to making the filler panels that go into the frames today. It has taken me quite a while to get this done because of several things. One is the hip injury that still harrasses me, another is our Economic Disaster Survival Plan. In order to survive slow periods like the one our country is currently experiencing we have diversified our revenue streams. This is working for us: now that the woodworking is slow other income sources have picked up and we are avoiding the fate that has befallen so many other small shops. But working in those other arenas means I'm slower at getting this project done. Fortunately, our client is being patient with us. Normally I would just work longer days to get a reasonable amount of work done on all fronts, but the hip is preventing me from doing that. If I push it too hard, the thing will never heal.

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