Wednesday, October 14

Completing parts blanks.

This morning I had some errands to run before starting work, these included buying lumber for Brian and Mary's changing table - I need spruce for that and don't stock it here, and I needed to run to Cosby to pick up some saw blades that had been sharpened.
Then I got ready to swap out the new drop-front hinges for the old ones and trimmed all the cubby parts blanks to size. More On This...
To swap the hinges I needed to plug the old screw holes and lay-out new ones. I custom made the tiny dowel-like plugs by hand for the end screws on the lid because they will show. For the others, which will be under the hinges I used epoxy wood filler. The new screw holes are quite close to the old ones, and I need the old ones to be filled in solid so the new screws will hold well. The lid now lays out flat like it should, but these brass hinges are thicker than the finished steel ones were, so I will want to mortise them into the surface, and I will need to soak them in Brass Darkening Solution to antique them to match the rest of the hardware. I'll detail these steps when we get to the Mounting The Lid step later on.

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