Wednesday, October 21

Building the Box

I got a late start on things this morning because of a doctor visit – trying to get this bad hip patched up some. When I got in I took measurements of the changing table, added 2” to each dimension and crawled up into the loft above the lumber shed where we keep our boxes, looking for one that was at least this big, but not too much bigger. No luck. The only one I had that was big enough was SO big that I’d spend most of the day cutting it down – or spend a fortune in shipping fees because it would be way over-sized. If I’m going to spend lots of time on a box, I’d just as soon spend it making a box that fits properly. I used ½”, triple corrugated crate board for the side walls – corrugations running vertically to resist crushing. I reinforced the corners with blocks on the inside, used spray web cement to hold it all together. Once assembled I cut a top and bottom from ¼” corrugated sheet and attached the bottom to the sides with fiberglass reinforced strapping tape at the corners, then sealed the sides with duct tape. I laid in a pad of shredded paper in the bottom, set the table in place and stuffed shred around the sides. Shredded paper has good cushioning properties, is biodegradable and cheap to acquire, so I prefer it over foam peanuts or plastic bubble pack. Marie has some things she wants to include, so as soon as those are in I’ll finish packing the box with paper, affix the lid and ship it off… if I can get the UPS man to come make a pick-up. We have a new man on the route. The old guy, Willis, has been on the route since before we got here 9 years ago and has always been super reliable and bent overt backwards to be sure we got the best service possible. Suddenly Willis is gone and we have a new guy who is… well, let’s say he’s NOT Willis and let it go at that. OK, this one is done. Marie and I conferred on the hinge debacle and she approved my solution, so tomorrow I’ll gather up my courage and begin cutting into the case to facilitate that solution. Join us if you dare!

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