Monday, May 19

We are back from our NASCAR pilgrimage, rested and ready to return to work. This morning I scuff sanded William's tray table set and shot them with a second heavy coat of lacquer. While that dried I brought in the white oak I had set aside for use in making these three English Garden Benches for James.

It may be of some interest that the white oak we are using to build these benches came for the flooring of a century old barn that had to be torn down up in Parrottsville. This lumber formed the floor boards under the hay loft, so one side of these ancient boards is caked with decades of hay dust, the other has aged to an almost walnut brown color from never having seen the sun. Once the outer surfaces are planed off, they will be the color of white oak, but I find it interesting to know that lumber from a 100+ year old barn will soon be gracing the garden where James’ daughter will be getting married.

Once the lumber was all stacked inside the shop I looked over the templates for this project. The last time I made these benches, they were made about a foot shorter, so the templates for the long rails needed to be re-made and the lay-out for the back slat mortises redone.

My final task for the day was to apply the skim-coat of polyurethane to the tops of William's tables. That will cure overnight and they should be ready to be packaged up tomorrow.

More information about our templates is available HERE.


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