Monday, May 26

Band sawing my Legs

Today I came in early – about 5:00 AM to get a head start on things since Marie has some holiday plans for us this afternoon. Instead of sanding the long rails I decided to cut the front and rear legs to shape. This way I can be working on mortises & tenons in the end frames as I sand and glue up the long rail blanks. I think it will yield better use of the time. Today’s tasks included laying out the shape of the front and rear legs on the parts blanks then using the band saw to cut the legs out and the stationary sander to smooth away the saw marks and refine the shape. Other than taking a short lunch break, I worked straight through and got all 12 legs done – and twelve seat support blanks glued up – by 3:30. I took some photos of this process but have not written up the article, formatted the photos or posted the web page. I’ll do all that stuff tomorrow sometime, maybe during my lunch break. Today I needed to focus on just getting the days woodworking done so I’d have a little time for holiday fun with my sweetie. Tomorrow it’s back to regular work days for both of us. See you then, Doug

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