Friday, May 9

Step 11: Finishing For this order, Thomas specified the Satin Polyurethane finish rather than our standard lacquer & poly, so the discussion of the standard process in our construction article does not apply to this order. We apply polyurethane by hand with a rag. not with a sprayer as we do with lacquer.

I put the first coat of finish on yesterday evening, giving it all night to set up, and applied the second coat this afternoon. I’ll let this coat cure out all weekend then package them up for shipment on Monday.

Meanwhile, I have gotten started on William's Cherry Tray Table set. We get to take a fast track on this order because it just so happens that before Christmas I started a set of Cherry TV Tables with the intention of offering them as an On Hand item to last minute Christmas shoppers. But I got really busy with regular orders and had to set that project aside part way through. I'll complete that set to fill Williams order. It will go quickly because all the hard stuff is already done, they just need the final assembly and finishing.
Then we'll get started on a BIG order - 3 (count them, THREE) English Garden Benches in White Oak.
See you Monday!

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