Monday, June 12

CD End Table - Day 8

Happy Monday to you!


The early morning session today was spent working on the new web site; configuring all those attributes takes a long, long time over a slow connection like mine.  I’ll keep working at it as I have time and eventually it will get done.


The morning session was spent removing the clamps from Lori’s casework and checking for any problems.  There were none.  Then I installed the front skirt (that arched piece at the bottom) and sanded the entire case to 150 grit.


Lunch time.  I took care of some phone calls and an issue that was waiting for me on the answering machine.  And I managed to eat a little lunch.


During the afternoon session I re-sawed and planed the poplar billets that were prepped last week, then trimmed the pieces to exact size for the drawer box parts.  That took all afternoon – lots of “stick a piece of wood in this side of the machine, run around to the other site to catch it as it comes out, run back around front and stick another piece in the front.


9 drawers; 4 parts per drawer.  Three passes each through the table saw, as many as 8 passes each through the surface planer.  You do the math; lots of running back and forth.


If you’d like to see a progress picture of what we’ve got so far, copy and paste this address into your browser:


This evening I’ll be working on bids.


See you tomorrow.


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