Thursday, June 22

CD End Table - Day 14

  This is the day where a lot of gratification is generated: Finishing Day.  Even though the past few days have seen much progress as all the various parts came together into a completed project, until the finish is on, it just doesn't "pop".

The morning session was spent sanding.  All of it.  Some done with a random orbit power sander, but a considerable amount of the finish sanding is done by hand.

After lunch I began spraying lacquer, letting it dry, then scuff sanding it to smooth the surface before applying another coat.  The drawers were removed and finished separately.  The entire piece got two good coats, then the top got a third to add an extra measure of protection.

I finished up the spraying right at 5:00, went in for some dinner then came back to install the brass knobs and clean up the spray equipment and take some pictures.

The heat and humidity are high today and I want to let the piece sit overnight to be sure the lacquer is properly hardened before we start wrapping it in Styrofoam and building a custom crate around it.

Here are some photo links: and are shots of the piece from two different angles to see both sides. is a picture of my favorite feature of this piece; one of the boards we split for use in the back panels shows some gorgeous quilted pattern.  Photography doesn't to it justice. 

This completes this project.  Tomorrow I'll go buy the materials I'll need to build the crate -- we don't have space to store those here.  The crate will be built over the weekend and we'll take it to the truck line early Monday morning and send it on it's way to Lori.  We hope she will be as impressed with it as the visitors to our shop have been today.

Have a great weekend, and we'll start a new project next time.

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