Wednesday, April 6

Tray Tables - Packaging completed.

I gave the tables until after lunch to cure.  By then they seemed to be hardened up well.

I resume by cutting pads of Styrofoam to fit inside the upper and lower tray rails.  These will support the second table and prevent the two from knocking together during transport.  I also stack two smaller pads on each leg pair.

Then I lay the second table on top and use stretch wrap to strap the two together.  I repeat the process with the other two tables.

Then I strap pads to the stand arms.

And set the table pairs in place.  More stretch wrap straps the tables to the stand securely.

Now the whole bundle goes into the foam-lined box.  Normally the stand handle sticks up to contact the foam padding at that end and the stand feet set against the foam at the opposite end to prevent the bundle from sliding around in the box.  Jeff asked that I recess the handle flush with the trays, so I need to cut an extra filler piece of foam to fill that gap.  Then I another to lay in on top of the bundle along the “top” edge of the tables where it’s a little narrower than at the foot end.  Again that just prevents movement.

For the same purpose I fill the air space along the sides with shredded paper.  Then I can lay in the final sheet of foam, close up the flaps and tape the box up securely.

All that remains is to set the box on the scale to get a weight - which is really quite irrelevant because the package is over-sized, so I will pay for 70 pounds of shipping even though the box only weighs half that - and run a shipping label.

The table boxes were sized so that they are *just* within the limits of this shipping tier, Shelly’s tables are larger, so they will get bumped up to the next tier and we’ll get billed for even more shipping.

A pick-up has been scheduled for tomorrow.  I’ll keep the vicious, horrible, killer dogs inside the shop tomorrow (they won’t like that) so the FedEx man does not risk his life to get the box and it will be on it’s way to Jeffrey.  Hope you enjoy them Jeff.

Now I’ll pull more foam out of the shed loft and bundle Shelly’s tables.  Then I can determine the minimum size box I’ll need so we can go box hunting.

Thanks for reading!

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