Wednesday, July 13

A New Direction

As of December 31, 2010 we closed down the custom furniture part of our business because the harsh economy simply sapped the life right out of it and I needed to look in another direction for income.  I left this blog active because I figured I'd still post articles when I built items for on-hand stock, but I want to do these posts differently.
The old way of doing things; posting a daily progress report was fine when my audience was primarily folks popping in every day or two for an update on the current project, but it is an awful means of archiving project files.  Everything is ankles over knickers.  You come in at the most recent post and have to work your way backward through the list to the beginning.  Finding the beginning of any particular project so you can work your way through the articles chronologically is almost impossible on older posts.  And then we have multiple articles on some projects because each customer wanted to watch THEIRS being built.
I'm going to change the lay-out and post one long article for each new piece I build.  This way you start at the top of the article with the beginning and read down the page to the end.  But some folks are antsy and don't want to wait for me to finish the project and post the completed article, so I will include a link at the top that looks like this: [New Stuff] click that and it will take you past the stuff previously posted and straight to the newest addition.  I'll remove it once the article is complete.  If you miss a few days, well, you're on your own there.
Since most of my audience is now coming from Kindle subscribers and referrals from wood working magazines, this format will be much easier for them to make use of.  between projects, I'll go back and convert the older articles to this new lay-out.
That's where we are and what-up ahead.  I'm working on the first installment now.  See you there!

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