Monday, April 4

Tray Tables - Lacquering Continues

Today I will complete the lacquering of these tables... I hope.  We have a storm front moving in that is promising high winds and tunderstorms.  When we get those conditions here in the mountains we generally lose our electricty for a while.  Hopefully I'll get it done before that happens.  Weather Radar shows that the storm is moving in faster than was predicted... but I will try.

Jeffrey's Maple tables had two coats on when I started the day, Shelly's Walnut table had one coat.  I'm spraying the second coat on the walnut tables now.  As each dries I move it out of the finishing room and store them on the stand.  While waiting for lacquer to dry, I'm scuff sanding the maple tables so they will be ready for their third and final coat.

While the lacquer on each of those dries, I'll scuff the walnut tables and send them in for their third coat.  Then all will be ready for their skim coat of polyurethane.

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