Monday, October 18

Christmas Rush

The Christmas rush is upon us!

I am speaking facetiously; for in years past at this time of year we would have many orders piled up and more coming in every week.  I'd be watching the schedule to determine when I reach the point that we can not hope to have everything built and shipped for arrival before Christmas and start refusing orders that absolutely MUST be delivered before then.

In 2008 it slowed down.  I still had work to do, but it was not necessary that I work 12 and 14 hours days 6 days a week to keep up.

In 2009 I got to stay home and help my wife cook for Thanksgiving and decorate the house for Christmas.  I rather enjoyed that.  It looks like I will get to enjoy that privilege again this year.

However, just when we were planning to close the doors and begin dismantling the web site, things started to perk; just a little.

David B. asked me to do the trailer project that is underway.  Marie wants a computer desk.  In just the past few days, David P. ordered a bottle stopper rack, Don S. ordered a tray table and Brian O. ordered a keepsake box.

We keep saying to one another that we will discontinue the custom made items because the tremendous amount of time that goes into a one-off piece makes them discouragingly expensive.  This was not a problem before the economy tanked because there were still people willing to spend large sums on something they really wanted that was well made.  But since then, demand has dropped sharply.

If the past couple of weeks are any indication, maybe we should not mothball the equipment just yet.  Maybe the economy will pull out of it's tailspin sometime soon.  I don't expect it to soar again for a long time, but just getting it's nose pulled up away from the dirt would be an improvement.

So, I'm going to spend the afternoon culling my on-hand lumber supply and parts stash to find the materials I need to make the bottle stopper rack and tray table - I think I have most of the parts I need for the table made, just need to complete them and assemble the thing.  If I have time, I'll mount the first two tool racks in David B's trailer and see how that works out before I make more.  If re-designing is needed, it's best to find out now rather than after I've made all six racks.

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