Thursday, October 21

Beginning the Finish

I spent the morning getting hooked up with another publisher: Triond.  They provide content to a couple of dozen E-Zines and Elana, a fellow writer on Hub Pages says they pay pretty well.  To set p an account, they required an original, publishable article, so I had to write one.  This was important because as woodworking has slowed to a crawl, I've been going back to my writer's roots.  And I've done pretty well  considering.  It just takes time to research and write good stuff, then more time for Google to find it and start sending readers my way.  The number of readers determines my pay rate.  Occasionally I get a magazine gig like Going Pro As a Woodworker for Wood News Magazine; a ten part series - that was fairly lucrative.  Most everything else is a little here and little there - write enough and it starts to add up.

This afternoon I'm applying lacquer to David P's bottle stopper rack.  It will take two coats, allowed to dry between than scuff sanded followed by a third and final coat.  When he final coat is dry I will attach the loop hangers and get it ready for packaging and shipment.

If all goes well, I'll get all of that done before I go home tonight so I can schedule a pick-up for tomorrow.

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