Wednesday, September 1

TV Tray Tables: Finish Sanding

First thing this morning I had to go over to a neighbors house and help out with something.  It's just the neighborly thing to do.  This was supposed to take plce yesterday evening after I finished up my day here, but something came up thet kept him out late so we rescheduled for this morning.

Since this will be a long day for me I'm going to post todays notes now.  By the end of the day I may be getting too tired to get this to make sense.

Todays tasks are to finish sand the tray tables and fussy-fit the snap latch mechanisms.  After sanding each table I'll shoot it with the first coat of lacquer.  Normally I would do that tomorrow morning, but I won't be here tomorrow morning.  Mom has a dental appointment, and these appointments are so hard to schedule that we dare not miss it.

I also need to mill out the lumber for the stand, make the parts and assemble the stand.

Like I said, it will be a long day.  My goal is to get this table set completed and finished by Friday afternoon so the finish can harden over the weekend and be ready to safely ship out Monday morning.

So... I'd better get to that finish sanding, all done my hand - it takes some time.

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