Friday, September 3

TV Tables - Final Inspection

I've done the final inspection and am ready to apply the skim coat of polyurethane to the tray table tops.  The weather is getting quite humid, so I want to allow as much time as possible for the poly to harden before I box up the set; if the poly is still soft at all (it may feel dry to the touch but not be cured out hard) the Stryrofoam packing pieces can stick to it and blemish the finish during shipment.  By getting that done early this morning the poly can set up all day and all night and I should be able to safely box the set for shipment tomorrow morning.

Now is the time to request final payment, since I can not schedule the pick-up until payment is received.  So I'll go do that, then get to the poly, then go out and pull a box and packaging materials out of the loft above the lumber shed (we had special boxes made up just for shipping these tray tables) then I'll start cleaning up the mess I've made in here.

Thanks for watching!

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