Saturday, September 11

TV Tray Tables - Feedback

One of the things that makes this work enjoyable is knowing that the people who purchase our furniture enjoy it.  In this world where so many people focus on negativity, I have adopted the attitude of "If they don't complain, they're happy." because most people WILL be on the phone to me immediately if they are in any way dissatisfied, but many will not take the time to compliment us.  It was therefore with great pleasure that I received the following e-mail from Dianna:

"We received our tv tray tables yesterday. We are very pleased with them. The craftmanship is outstanding!

It is very obvious the time and care you took with even the smallest details. They look and feel great.

We are very excited to use them!

Thank you Dianna, for the kind words and for taking the time to say them.  We appreciate that very much.

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