Tuesday, February 16


The final step in producing a set of TV Tray Tables is to package them so they will arrive at their new home in the same pristine condition as when they left here. This is not as small a matter as you may think. I often get supplies that were simply tossed in a box, some air pillows tossed in to fill the empty space and they send it off… and they usually arrive just fine. But these tables are a little more delicate. So, I start my wrapping padding the frame of the stand with Styrofoam and bubble wrap. Then I line the bottom and ends of a box with Styrofoam sheet. We have these boxes made up for us specifically for shipping these table sets. They are sized so they just BARELY fit into the Tier 2 UPS shipping schedule. Any bigger and the fees go way up. Then I begin bundling the tables into pairs. In this set we have only one pair, in a full set we would have 4 tables, two pairs. I use blocks of Styrofoam to space the tables so they don’t rub on one another during shipment. I’ll lay the other table on top of this one and use cellophane stretch wrap to bind them tightly together. Then set the bound pair of tables on the stand and bind them together. Laying that bundle into the box, I fill the voids along the sides with shredded paper and Styrofoam spacer blocks to hold them in position. Once I’ve sealed up the box, weighed it and processed a shipping label this one is ready to go out on the dock to await the FedEx truck. Time to clean up the mess and get ready for our next project.

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