Wednesday, February 10

Building the Stand

The starting steps in building the stand are like those for all other parts; cutting the parts blanks a little oversize from rough lumber, jointing one face and one edge, thickness planning the rough face to finished thickness and ripping the rough edge to finished width. Then we lay-out the shape of the parts on the blanks using the templates. I use a Forstner bit to provide a smooth transition for inside curves by boring a carefully placed hole then band sawing the straight lines and the outside curves. These cuts are all smoothed up on the stationary belt sander. Then I lay-out and counter-bore screw holes. Where the uprights meet the feet I use dowels to reinforce the joint, these holes are laid out and bored with the help of a doweling jig that insures the holes are centered in each piece. Once all the parts are made I assemble them with glue and screws then plug the screw holes. After the glue dries I trim and sand the plugs flush and finish sand the stand. This part is now ready for finishing and will get set aside until the lacquer flies. I should note that this is a *custom* stand made to hold two tables, Wanda did not need a full set of four tables. All that’s left to make are the little blocks that hold everything together.

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