Friday, October 27


Today we went back to making panels – this time for the shelf boards. We took rough sawn 4/4 by 8 foot boards and cut them down into pieces around 3” wide by 37 inches long. These were surface planed, then the edges trimmed square. Then we went back to our router table to cut the glue joints in the planks. This is physical work – keeping the planks mashed flat on the table and firmly against the fence and moving smoothly past the bit. Hard on the shoulders. We glued and clamped the 6 shelves in two set of three – for three shelves this length requires 12 pipe clamps and that’s all I have. Once the glue sets up for a couple of hours on the first set the clamps can come off and the second set can be glued and clamped. In between times, I went out to cut up a fallen tree into firewood. See you tomorrow… Doug

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