Tuesday, October 3


Today I milled the parts for and built the toe-kick cabinet that goes in under the lower part of the book case. I sanded it to 100 grit and attached it to the lower case. Then I made plugs for the pocket hole screws that may be visible and went back around and plugged all those holes and sanded them smooth. Then I sanded the rest of the book case, inside and out, to 100 grit. This is construction sanding. I haven’t gotten into the finishing work yet. I’m just smoothing things out, removing glue stains, and looking for any problems. I scared myself silly this afternoon. I have made allowances for Dr C’s baseboards so they will not have to be removed, but while I was sanding I realized with a start that I had not allowed for crown molding. These cases will go clear to their ceiling, what about the crown molding?!? However, a look at the photos of the room this will go into shows that the room does not have crown molding. We have seen a number of houses recently that do have it and it must have just stuck in my mind and my mind played a cruel trick on me. But, all is well now. And onward we go. This completes the case construction for one book case. I still have to mount the shelf standards, but that will not be done until after the case is stained. So I’m setting the cases aside (as much as I can in my small shop) and going to work on the shelves tomorrow. See you then, Doug

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