Tuesday, July 25

Day 8 - Sewing Center

This will be a short entry for a fairly lengthy day. Most of the day was spent sanding, but not just sanding -- hand sanding. Just about my least favorite thing to do -- but it has to be done, and done right.

After the sanding was done I assembled the sub-assemblies we've been following along on, with glue this time, then assembled the 4 side pieces and the back into the basic carcass of the sewing cabinet. Using just screws, no glue. Still have more to do on them before they can go in permanently.

The full story is here:

http://www.smokymountainwoodworks.com/InTheShop/Sewing_Center/Day 08.php

Today's progress picture is here:

http://www.smokymountainwoodworks.com/InTheShop/Sewing_Center/Day 08006.jpg

See you tomorrow! Doug


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