Monday, July 17

Day 4 - Sewing Cabinet

Hello, I hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was quite interesting as we got away on Saturday for a little field trip.  But you didn't log in to read about that.  But I am rested up and ready to get started again.

Today I spent the early morning session working on Pamela's web site, and the morning smoothing out the panels that were made up last week.  They all turned out very nicely.  I made an extra one in case any went bad on me, but none did, so I'll have a little extra stock to work with.

By lunch time it was getting pretty hot.  This makes me really thirsty but kills the appetite -- which is a good thing as I'm trying to loose a few pounds.  OK, OK... a lot of pounds.  Ever since I tore up my hip and had to stop taking my one-mile walk with the dogs every day at lunch time, I've been gaining weight.  Got to do something about that.  Not getting hungry helps.

After the lunch break I got started laying out and cutting the casework tenons.  After a bit it was getting too hot: 96° outside but with no insulation in the roof of this building, once the afternoon sun starts beating down on it you can bake bread in here in the afternoons.  So I abandoned shop for a few hours and went back to finish up once the sun started going down.  The good thing about these mountains is that it cools down as fast as it heated up.  Fans help blow the hot air out once  they can find some cooler air.

I had to stop a bit early to switch over to finishing a project that I had been working on before this one but had to set aside while waiting for the client to decide how it was to be finished.  Now that she's given me this info, I want to get it done and out of the way so I'll have room to assemble the parts I'm making for Paula's sewing cabinet.

The polyurethane can set up over night and I'll see how it looks in the morning.  Now it's time for a shower and to get after some bookkeeping and web maintenance on my site before bed time.

See you tomorrow!

A photo of a smoothed out panel is at:


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