Friday, June 13

Cut Boards

Today I milled out the strips I need to make the three cutting boards that are on order, jointed them on our new sander and glued them back together into cutting board blanks. Why do I cut boards apart just to glue them back together? Mostly it is to be sure the boards don’t warp. By ripping the wood into narrow strips, turning them 90 degrees and gluing them back together we pretty much eliminate the chance of the wood shrinking unevenly and warping the cutting board. As the boards came out of the clamps I scraped the glue pips off and sanded them smooth (removing any ridges or misalignments at the seams). We now have the three blanks needed to make the cutting boards. On Monday I will begin trimming the blanks to size and shaping the boards to fit the templates provided. Have a great weekend! Doug

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