Tuesday, September 26


I got a good full day in with few distractions – for a change. Among the things I got accomplished today were: 1) Trim the case panels to exact length and square 2) Drill the pocket screw holes 3) Route the rabbets on the upper and lower ends of the sides 4) Cut the dados that the shelf standards will fit into 5) Glue and assemble the two cases for the right side bookcase. Just for grins I went ahead and stacked the upper case on top of the lower case, stood back and took it in. For some reason all I could think was, “Golly, that’s a big thing!” Tomorrow Marie and I head for Ashville NC, so no work will get done. But I’ll be back in here Thursday and Friday to make the parts for and install the face frame and stiffeners. Next week we’ll make up the shelves and get ready to do some finishing. See you Thurdsay! Doug

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