Thursday, September 21


I got a late start in the woodshop today. This morning I found an order for 6 of Georgia’s hand painted saw blades on the Treasures computer. It was Georgia who passed away last Sunday. So I had to call the Treasures gallery this morning and have Lynn, the shopkeeper du jour, search out the blades and set them aside. Sounds simple enough, but it’s more like a scavenger hunt run via telephone; I describe the blades using pictures I printed off the TOA web site, and he wanders around the gallery looking for the blades that match my description. It took a while but they are pulled and set aside. Since Marie has our truck today I have no way to get to Cosby to reteive these items for shipping, but as it happens, Lynn will be picking up a prescription at the same store Marie will be doing her weekly grocery shopping this evening, so they will hook up and hand off the blades. I am shopkeeper of the day tomorrow, so I’ll pack them up this evening and ship them on my way to Cosby in the morning. But for today, I’m doing the finish sanding on Chris’s TV Tray Table Set. If I get done in time, I’ll go ahead and clean up the shop and shoot them with lacquer this evening. * * * * * I got the tables lacquered, and it dried in time for me to skim coat the tray tops with tung oil polyurethane to protect them better against spills. The poly needs to set up for at least 8 hours, so I’ll get these packed up this weekend and be ready to ship out on Monday. I’m in Treasures tomorrow and S.M.W. is closed (officially anyway) over the weekend, so I’ll see you on Monday. Have a great weekend! Doug

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