Friday, September 16

Friday, Sept 16, 2011

My woodworking time for this week has been spent milling lumber and cutting parts for 6 bottle stopper racks - 4 Three-Tier Racks and 2 Four-Tier Racks.  The bodies are walnut, the shelves are maple, except for one of the four-tiers which will have shelves of white oak - just for a change.

So far I have all of the parts made and the two four-tier racks are well along in the assembly stage.  I began assembling these first because we have a customer who want one, and told me he wanted one, so I'll make his a priority.  The others will all go into on-hand stock and be available for the christmas shoppers - who typically start looking at our stuff about now.

When these racks are done I'll start on TV Tray Tables.  At one time these were our hottest selling item.  The crashed economy has dampened enthusiasm for them considerably, but we still sell a few, especially at Christmas time.

I am not doing step by step photo journals of these projects because they have been done so many times on this blog already.  I'll reserve the step-by-step listing for unique projects.  Two of which are on the slate to be worked in when I can make the time.  One is a counter-top bill organizer/secretary the other is a lap-top computer desk modeled after a campaign desk.

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