Thursday, November 18

Keepsake Box - Done!

Hello there!  When I came in this morning I inspected Brian's box and affixed the felt foot-pads that will prevent it from scratching any of Brian's nice furniture.  The cold temperatures in here last night affected how the lacquer laid out, and normally I'd scuff sand and apply another two coats to be sure the finish was at it;s best.  But I was told to "keep it simple - it's a box for storing keepsakes". So I'll stop here: the finish is not bad in any way, it's just not 'top notch'.

That finishes up this project, so I'll deliver this one and spend the rest of the day cleaning up and getting ready for the next project.  As it's early yet I'll probably have time to sneak in a little work on David's trailer once I get my clutter cleared away.

Next up will be Tina's set of Cherry Tray tables.

Please pop in again and "May the sawdust be with you!"

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