Monday, August 23

Tray Tables: RAIN DELAY

I let the ribbon panels set up over the weekend and had planned to get to them today, right after doing the weekly radio program that I do every Monday morning. But, we had yet another heavy rain storm Saturday night: a little over 3” of rain in about two hours. This is right on the heels of the 2.6” in an hour we got earlier in the week. Everything was so soft already that this storm did major damage to our driveways, washed out some parts of our property and plugged up drain tiles. Tim and I spent nearly all day patching up the damage. Fortunately our neighbor across the road from us has a tractor with box grader blade and he kindly offered to help. What a help he was too! He scraped the driveways smooth again while Tim and I cleared tiles, scooped rock out of grassy areas where it wasn’t supposed to be, and smoothed out the humpy bumps that the scraper blade left. Much more work is needed, but everything is functional again – as long as we don’t get another heavy rain. I hope the rains remain gentle for a while, because it will take a while for my back and shoulders to stop burning! We moved a LOT of rock today.

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