Wednesday, June 23

Front Panel

While making up the panels for the rest of the case, I made up two for the fronts as well, so I grab those, square them up with my big sled in the table saw (leaving them a bit long) then install the rip fence and cut off the top part for use as the drawer front. I very carefully center the drawer front on the drawer box and flush it up with the drawer bottom, then install the top two screws that run from inside the drawer into the front to secure it. The top two holes are drilled oversize and slightly oval to allow for adjusting the drawer front left-right and up-down to position it properly in the case. I don’t leave big wide gaps around parts in my work, so this is a delicate process as I shoot for a fairly even gap of about 1/16” all around. When it’s right, I install the bottom two screws though normal shank holes to lock the front in place. Next I trim the door panel to length and test fit it on its opening along with the hinges I will use. If adjustments are needed, I use a smoothing plane to shave off a little wood just where needed. If a consistent amount needs to be removed the full length, I’ll give it a couple of passes over the jointer. Installing hinges took a lot longer than I expected. Brain rot got in the way. But once I had that all settled and the knobs installed we’re about done. About. Apparently I neglected to order the magnetic catches that will hold the doors closed, so the next time I’m able to get off-property I’ll pick those up at a local hardware store and install them. So now I get to take it all apart again and begin the finish sanding and preparing to stain the oak. But that’s an adventure for another day.

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