Wednesday, May 5


I know there are a fair number of people who have been following this project with great interest, so it’s only fair to post the pictures of the clock with it’s insides inside and the fancy glass in the doors. Unfortunately, neither the lighting nor the camera angles were very good. The clock now lives on a stairway landing. Going up the stairs far enough to get the whole 7½ foot tall clock into the frame creates an odd down-angle look, shooting from the base of the steps gets the hand rail on the picture. But, this is what it looks like – at least as best as I can show you. And so, we are finally done with this project. The fellow who asked for an estimate on a CD End Table responded: it’s more money than he wanted to spend. We're hearing that alot lately. See the post entitled The Fat Lady Sings. So, we’re done here for a while. Live long and prosper. \\ //

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